Our Story


I'm Elizabeth Cristina, designer & creator of EVENTYR. Growing up, I was an amatuer rock collector and avid arts n' crafter with a vivid imagination and an urgent sense of adventure.

And 20+ years later, nothing has changed...
EVENTYR has been imagined for years, but it wasn't until fall of 2015 that her idea began to take shape. As I was bumping along in a train somewhere in the southwest, after completing a three month bicycle tour along the U.S. Pacific Coast, I began researching metalsmithing classes. This wasn't completely spur of the moment, but something that had been brewing in me throughout our whole trip. I was so inspired by beautiful, handcrafted pieces we saw at local markets along the way, the abundant rock & crystal shops, and most importantly, the ever changing landscape:
the lush, almost eerie forests,
the vast, mysterious ocean,
the seemingly gentle, but surprisingly powerful streams,
the trees that have centuries of stories we'll never know,
and of course,
the rocks; the stones all littered down the coast in so many colors, shapes, and sizes. 

The very next day after arriving home to Baton Rouge, I went to the Saturday morning farmer's market, and it was there that I signed up for my first metalsmith classes. Four days later I was taking my first class...and then another...and another...and another...

As for the name EVENTYR? Anyone that knows me, knows that my heart is with traveling. I was raised on the books and movies of Tolkien, Peter Pan, Harry Potter, and many, many more adventure-esque tales. I believe heavily in the power of fairytales, adventure, and imagination. Hence the name Eventyr; Danish for adventure & fairytale.

I'm inspired to make powerful pieces that balance the elegant and the bold. My goal is to deliver unique, quality pieces that you will treasure for years to come; pieces that you wear as you create memories and give them stories. These pieces are inspired by my adventures, & created for yours.

Inspired by my adventures...

                          created for yours.